Every day is a day in paradise - treat it like one.

"The mountains whispered my name.
Over and over till I could not resist.
So I walked,
I ran,
I jumped and climbed.
When I thought I couldn't take another step I focused-
And my feet carried me.
For if the mountains call-
And you do not run to them,
Why are you even alive?"


I get angry when people tell me they can't do things. Can't and won't are two different things and a lot of the time we confuse them. Different people don't have the same priorities - and that's okay. But don't tell me you can't move to another country because you don't have money while you check Instagram on the latest Iphone. Don't tell me you can't chase your passions because you "aren't good enough". You just aren't dedicated enough. Don't tell me you don't have the time to climb mountains whilst you plan another night out with your mates where you get so fucked up that you can't function the next day.

Sit down and dedicate the hours and commit to honing your craft. Find the things that set your soul on fire and strive to achieve them. Always look to better yourself, offer everything you have and then some. 
Commit. Plan your next move and follow through.

I may have only lived 19 years on this earth but something I've become frustrated with in my time here is people who settle. In jobs, in relationships, in places. You shouldn't settle for a job you hate because it pays the bills. Everyone starts somewhere, and there has to be food on the table but work toward a goal. If working toward that goal means working a shitty job - by all means do what you have to. Just don't get stuck for the next 5, 10, 20 years doing the same thing.

Don't settle for someone because they're nice enough, cute enough and they have a decent enough job. People aren't computers that need to function in certain ways. You can tick all the boxes and still not have chemistry. We are lovers, creators and artists. Find someone who pushes you, challenges you and brings you a higher love within yourself. Someone who doesn't want to change fundamentally who you are - but is willing to call you out on your bullshit. Someone who sees your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between and says "You're an adventure I want to take."
If you have a spark with someone, light the fire and see where it takes you. Some fires burn short, some burn forever. You can't expect to experience true connection if you only offer a section of your soul. It's terrifying but it's human and it's real.

Some days I feel like I may have already lived 5 lifetimes - but if we are only given one, should we not want to experience everything in its fullest potential? In all its glory?

Love. Love first, love always. Love until your heart breaks, heals and breaks again. Everything we do is to feel something - so don't deny yourself the opportunity by settling for someone or something that doesn't offer more or match what you can give in return. 

Love first, ask questions later.