exit note.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Gustav Jung

So that was unexpected.

I went into The Voice 2019 with cautious optimism. Having been through the reality tv machine before, and having come out the other side - I was hesitant to dive into that world again. I’d worked so hard over the last 8 years to prove myself worthy as a musician, to become a legitimate artist and distance myself from the label of ‘reality tv star’. I was worried if I went ahead with The Voice, it would send me back to that label. That perhaps people wouldn’t see my art as legitimate, or believe my authenticity.

Whilst previous shows that shall not be named seemed to treat people like disposable, with endless amounts of energy to be a circus of performing monkeys - The Voice has been nothing but supportive, with genuine respect and well wishes for every artist that comes their way. Sure, they push you out of your comfort zone. Nerves are high, days are long and everything can be a little overwhelming. But the crew are so beautiful and will give you pep talks any time you show a hint of nervousness. I’m so happy with the way I came across to Australia. I was true to myself as a person, and I stayed true to myself as an artist.

Walking into the rehearsal room for the knockouts, I didn’t know what to expect. Being up against Voli was scary enough - the soul he puts into his performances is incredible. Then I saw Diana walk in and I knew right away that vocally I didn’t stand a chance - so I had to do what I do best - and tell a story.

I knew the decision of whether I was going to progress on the show was out of my hands, and there was nothing I could do to change it, so I may as well perform as amazingly as I possibly could. I look at my music career and think, if I leave my heart on the stage every time, and I’m competing against my last performance - I’m doing okay.
Comparing Diana, Voli and I was like comparing water, to fire, to air. All are beautiful, powerful and forces to be reckoned with - it just depends on the one you prefer.

I feel like I did myself justice with my performance, and whilst my time on The Voice is over, the time for my music is now - and I can feel the energy in the universe just waiting to land. I am so incredibly grateful to have had this experience - and the outpour of support has been nothing short of amazing.

So what next?

I’ll keep hustling, working on my craft. Keep an eye out, I’m sure to play a show near you soon. And there’s always more releases on the horizon. I have some super exciting things in the works, and like usual, can’t reveal too much about them - but the second I can fill you in I promise I will!

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Thank you for seeing the real me, and for the support you consistently send. Thank you for every like, every share, comment, stream or nice thing you tell your friends about me. Creative careers are not an easy feat to achieve, but with you behind me - I think I can get there.

Catch ya at a gig some time!
Vendulka x